River Oaks Car Stereo

River Oaks Car Stereo

4129 Richmond Ave.
Phone: (713) 626-ROCS(7627)
Mon-Thurs: 10am-7pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: Closed
Owner: Eddie Runner
Installing since 1974

Eddie Runner owner:
Amateur Radio License : NU5K
I have always enjoyed electronics and HIFI since I was very young. My father and grandfather were both into TECH things like HIFI, Shortwave, Photography, and so on, I learned a lot from them. I started installing my own stuff on my first car when I was in high school about 1974. Cb Radios were becoming the rage, CB stores were popping up everywhere. When some of the CB shops heard that I could install a CB, they practically fought over me. One CB store would call and want me to work on Saturday, Another store would say they would pay me more.

I got married in 1976 (only 18) and was working for Tri-tech electronics and also Davenport electronics (CB shops) in SW Houston at that time. After that i went to CB Service Center (old Katy Road) for a while installing and repairing CB radios and car stereos. I was recruited away from them to a company called Texas Radio where I worked as installer(Westhiemer/Voss) and eventually store manager (FM1960 east of Kuykendahl).

IN 1978/79 I moved to a large nationwide chain based here in Houston called Custom Hi Fi and was there until 1982. Custom Hi Fi was a fantastic place to work, we had a huge volume of car stereo and the best way to get really good at installing is to do a lot of cars everyday!

In the Early 1980s a few folks started wanting more Hi End car audio installations, separate amplifiers, more speakers and so on.. I was recruited away by a small company called Car-Trek and managed a small installation only garage that catered to the stores that were starting to sell Car Audio but didn’t have installers. We installed for all the shops that didn’t install. It was interesting and there was some hi end work.. Being a Hi Fi guy (home) I really loved seeing it transition into cars.

In 1983 I was recruited again, this time by a Houston Hi End Home Audio institution called HOME ENTERTAINMENT… At home entertainment some of the manufacturers like Yamaha and Nakamichi were starting to chatter about Car Audio so Home Entertainment thought it was a good idea to have some installers… We also sold Concord, ADS, Soundstream and Proton at the time.. This was pretty much all hi end work, some very picky listeners and we worked under very technical conditions with plenty of test equipment and the best tools. A great time..

In 1990 I left Home Entertainment and partnered with a buddy in a computer venture.. We had partnered in writing some software that went worldwide a few years before and in 1990 we were bought out by a pre internet online company.. We were building PCs and doing some anti-virus work..

My previous car audio customers were seeking me out, I was doing cars in my garage at home, and in the parking lot at our computer offices.. I loved car audio… So I decided to leave the computer biz and to Open my own car audio shop..

River Oaks Car Stereo was born in Sept 1990 In a shop at 5500 Weslayan in the back of the shopping center. The Shopping center owners knew me from my time at home entertainment and were very helpful bending a few of the strict shopping center rules to help me get started on a small budget. For the first few months it was just me and a toolbox.. But I did have a huge following of loyal customers from my past so I didn’t starve..

We did fairly well stuck behind a shopping center, we had good relations with the neighbors (lots of recommendations from them) we developed some great relations with the local police.. West University Police, Southside Police, Houston Police and Bellaire Police.. We had Shopping center security and the police business really boomed .. Once a cop knows a shop is cop friendly that word of mouth spreads… And I can never forget my loyal customers, I sent out mailers, did some low rent radio and newspaper adds and when previous customers found out where I was many came to just visit. Or better yet get some work done..

We moved the Store to 4129 Richmond Ave in May of 1994.

Edward Runner Sr:
Amateur License: NU5K

Owner River Oaks Car Stereo

Edward Runner Jr:
Amateur License: KB5OBB

Jr was nearly  born in a car stereo install bay. and he grew up in one.  Top notch installer and electronics expert.

Dwayne Jones:
License: KB5YTA

Dwayne has been with River Oaks Car Stereo since 2004.
Dwayne specialized in two way radio and ham radio installations which includes emergency vehicles and emergency lighting on cars, trucks and even motorcycles. Dwayne is a specialist with parts integration, what fits in each car.

Blake Divin:
License: KF5RKJ

Blake started out young and went through a car stereo school, he has owned his own Car stereo Store for a while near Conroe and has worked for River Oaks Car Stereo since 2008

River Oaks Car Stereo | Located at 4129 Richmond Ave (near Weslayan) Houston TX. 77027
Phone: 713-626-7627
Hours: Mon-Tues 10am-7pm | Fri-Sat. 10am – 6pm | Sun. CLOSED

At River Oaks Car Stereo we are committed to the very best installation. And we do a much broader range of electronics work on cars than most other shops do. We actually fix what the other places mess up. (we really do) We try to have good relations with other shops and it is not unusual for them to call us for installation advice or to help them with a problem. We sometimes even send someone out to solve problems. (we have a full time tech support employee!)

We do just about everything in automotive electronics! Car Stereos, Car Security, Back up Sensors, Back Up Cameras, Collision avoidance, bluetooth, all kinds of audio and video integration for your IPHONE or IPOD, Vehicle Tracking (both installing tracking devices and detecting and removing tracking devices if someone is tracking you!)We do some police work, Sirens, emergency vehicle lighting, two way radios! Also we install ham radios (amateur radio) in cars, most of our employees are FCC licensed. We also design and build speaker boxes, custom cabinetry for vans, center consoles for equipment and such. Custom lighting, custom gun racks, video displays, video recorders (record your driving), hidden cameras. We can do this all showy and fancy, or we can do it hidden and discrete. Your dream is our job!

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