River Oaks Car Stereo

River Oaks Car Stereo

4129 Richmond Ave.
Phone: (713) 626-ROCS(7627)
Mon-Thurs: 10am-7pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: Closed
Owner: Eddie Runner
Installing since 1974

Car Stereo Installation

Custom Box Installations

Top Of The Line Speakers

Vintage Cars

Vintage Vehicles

Trained Licensed Technicians

Custom Speaker Installations

Custom Phone Mounts

We can do Vintage Vehicles

Yes it is a Tesla

Morel Speakers

Amateur Radio Installations Available

Modern Loudspeaker Construction

High End Speaker Crossover

Morel High End Loudspeakers

Commercial Installations Provided

Car Stereo Installation

Integration is Easy

Integration for every Car

Back Up Camera

Indash Stereo

Trained Technicians

We can take them apart and put them back together again

Power Inverter for those plug in items

Power DIstribution is Important

Power Inverter Controller

Soldering those Power Connections

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