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Founded in 1990 by Owner Eddie Runner (NU5K)
4129 Richmond Ave (near Weslayan) Houston TX. 77027 713-626-7627

Hours M-T 10am - 7pm F-S 10am - 6pm Now Open Sundays 10-6
We can fix what the other places mess up
River Oaks Car Stereo Houston Texas

About Us - Car Stereo - Alarms - Radar Detectors - Navigation - Vehicle Tracking - Ham Radio - Speaker Testing - Back Up Cameras and Sensors - CB Radio - Amateur Radio

River Oaks Car Stereo Store 4129 Richmond
My name is Ellie, Buy something from me Sweetie.

Memphis car audio ROCS

Morel car stereo speakers are fantastic

ultimate k40 radar detectors the best in the world

Mcintosh car audio no longer made

Focal high end car speakers

Audio Control car audio
Monster Cables
Pioneer car audio
Alinco ham radio
Diamond Amateur radio antennas
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OPEL GT you dont see these everyday, River Oaks
River Oaks Car Stereo Bright Red Ferrari
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Hand crafted Panoz Sports Car Houston Texas
Police Package Tahoe
Police Dare Car River Oaks Car Stereo Houston

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Our Staff

    River Oaks Car Stereo Owner Angelo store manager Dwayne Jones, tech support. he knows everything    
    Eddie Runner
Angelo Margota
Store Manager
Dwayne Jones
Assistant Manager
    Blake assistant manager and installer    
Installation Manager
  I am not real, but you wish I was! Don't let them fool you, I am the boss around here.  
Our Mascot and spokesperson
Master Installer

(named after the famous Big Daddy Ed Roth hot rod character)




Eddie was exposed to Elctronics and encouraged by his father and grandfather at an early age.
He developed a love for hi fidelity sound, and short wave radio. Basicly all kinds of electronics.
When he got his first car, of course he had to do an 8-track stereo and a CB radio.

Eddie started installing in the Houston area in 1974 installing and repairing CB radios, then after working as a store manager for Texas Radio, and as the National Installation Manager of a large national chain (Custom Hi-Fi) and 8 years installing high end car audio with a Houston Institution (Home Entertainment Inc.) Eddie started River Oaks Car Stereo in 1990 at the insistance of some of his past customers.

In this photo Eddie was manager of a Texas Radio store on FM1960 about 1978.
Eddie as Manager of the Texas Radio store in the 1960 area about 1976
We installed CB Radios back in the 70's as well as lots of 8 Track players and the early car stereo products.

We installed many indash as well as underdash 8-track players
River Oaks Car Stereo - Working in the inner loop area of Houston for so many years the name River Oaks Car Stereo seemed like a natural to Eddie.

We are devoted to Hi end Car Audio, Automotive security, Ham radio and two way radio, Police installations, Navigation and most automotive electronics, if other shops have trouble with your project, bring it to us, that's the kind of stuff we thrive on.

We one of the few shops in the country have audio test equipment and know how to use it. We can make your car sound wonderfull. We have oscilloscopes and audio oscillators and even an expensive LMS computer to take audio measurements right in your car.
Its not all about loud, its about good sound.

If you have a strange project, or weird idea from a dream, talk to us about it, thats one of the things that sets us apart from the other places.
We install Security and tracking on your car, and if you feel like you are being tracked, we can find and remove any strange devices from your car that dont belong there.
River Oaks Car Stere - ham radio - car stereo and more 
Eddie today, happy to work with things he loves. Eddie Runner - Owner of River Oaks Car Stereo
Some of our Test Equipment.
Eddie used to work in electronic repairs, so test equipment is a natural for him. We have oscilloscopes (measures amplitude and time(you can see the sound)), RTA - Real Time Analyzers (measures sound levels in your car divided into 1/3 octaves (30 bands)), oscillators (makes sine wave sounds or any single sound we choose ), we have an LMS computer that means Loudspeaker Measurement System, this is like they use in a speaker manufacturing and design company where they make speakers.. We use it to make sure the speakers they made sound good in your car..

Oh, and we have the latest ODBII scan tool, not a cheap junky one, so we can get into your cars computer and program your car ike the factory does.. Many car stereos now days are controlled by the cars computer.. and the big plus, when an installer works on your car, its not uncommon for them to trip an airbag sensor or set off an error code so you now have a dashboard warning light on.. Our scan tool can read and reset any error codes you might get while having any work done to your car.

Don't worry, if you go to another place and get your stereo installed and they accidently trip an error light, you can always bring your car over here to get it fixed up..
Trophies dating back to the early 80s. Yes we do have real experience.
Our customers give us these trophies because we built thier car system for them, I don't think any of these trophies are actually ours. We have had some shop DEMO cars in the past, but if WE compete its just not fair to the other guys.. ha ha..
Angelo with our Scan Tool - we can reset all engine and airbag lights as well as reprogram factory audio settings
Angelo with our Scan Tool - we can reset all engine and airbag lights as well as reprogram factory audio settings

River Oaks Car Stereo
4129 Richmond Ave.
(near Weslayan)
Houston TX 77027


We are close to: Greenway Plaza, The Galleria, River Oaks, West University, Montrose, Mid-town, Bellaire, Sharpstown, Meyerland, Kirby district,
Rice Military, Rive University, Houston Medical Center, Westbury, Houston Heights and its worth the drive no matter where you are.
We have even had vehicles shipped in for us to work on from the east and west coasts..

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River Oaks Car Stereo Houston Texas
4129 Richmond Ave (near Weslayan)  713-626-7627
Hours Mon-Thu 10am - 7pm Fri-Sun 10am - 6pm
We can fix what the other places mess up
We ca fix what the other places mess up